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Reach More Customers
Increase Sales & Boost Visibility

Intensify is a new age communication and advertisement tool for reaching customers and increasing sales using personalized promotions on mobile phones.

It is made for event organizing venues such as: cinemas, theaters, ticketing agencies, stadiums, concert halls, etc.

The Product

Intensify is a white labeled solution consisting of two modules:
1. Mobile App for displaying your events and pushing personalized promotions to your customers.
2. Admin Panel for controlling Mobile App content and promotions based on previous customer behavior and interest.

Increase Visibility

By sharing your offers, specials, discounts and notifications on social networks, your customers will become your brand ambassadors.

Increase Loyalty

New communication channel for reaching customers via mobile phone, and keeping them engaged by rewording them with points and gifts.

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Increase Control

It is a behavior statistic engine which makes your offers easily adaptable to individual customers, allowing to send a right message to the right audience.

Increase Sales

Attract and keep customers with personalized offers, exploit power of social networks and cost efficient advertising and communication.

How it Works

Connects to Your POS Software:

as white labeled mobile application
with your company branding


as SDK Add-On that upgrades your
existing mobile application with
all Intensify features.

Advertising and Communication Channels

intensify solutions

Intensify uses a whole set of channels for promoting your special offers, giveaways and discounts as well as promoting 3rd party advertisers and sponsors:

Push and Beacon Notifications

Reach your customers inside the venue by using beacon sensors and outside the venue bu using mobile data or Wi-Fi.

Social Networks

Reward customers with loyalty points, for increasing your visibility by social network interactions.

Video Ads, Banners and External Links

Engage customers and make additional revenue by pushing your or 3rd party advertiser's content.

Engagement in Loyalty Program

Keep your customers happy with adjustable and interactive loyalty program.


Intensify has a variety of cool and truly valuable features for presenting events, promotions, special offers, giveaways and various notifications to the customer:

Connecting to your existing POS and automatically importing needed data.

Displaying event lists, details, descriptions, trailers, etc.

Ticket reservations and purchases, seat selector and different payment options.

Sending push notifications about events, discounts, promotions, giveaways, 3rd party offers...

Pushing custom promotions to different segments of customers, based on their previous behavior.

Sending beacon sensor notifications specific for in-house communication

Rewarding customers with loyalty points for social network sharing.

Increasing brand visibility both inside and outside the venues.

Providing unique bar code for customer identification in the loyalty program.

Allowing exchange of collected loyalty points for tickets, concessions, gifts...

cinema solutions

Admin Panel

cinema solutions

Control Your Mobile App:

All mobile app features are controlled by Admin Panel.

It is a statistics engine and notification dashboard where customer behavior and results of your campaigns can be tracked, controlled and improved

Follow the results of social network interactions and notifications campaigns.

Using Admin Panel is simple and activities are automated and fast to edit

About us

Who We Are

and something from our background:

More than 15 years in providing IT services and support for our clients around the world

Providing Ticket Sales Solutions and Tools for cinemas, theaters, festivals, ticketing agencies, concert halls, etc.

Innovating in the field of mobile communications and advertising using the best available tools and practices

Passionate about our goals and in love in entertainment industry!!!

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cinema solutions
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cinema solutions

Intensify team was at CinemaCon 2017. Exciting partnerships ahead of us!!!
CinemaCon (Las Vegas) is the largest and most important gathering for the worldwide motion picture theater industry, attracting attendees from more than 80 countries.


New partnership has been signed with Ready Theatre Systems - covering 1500+ cinema locations throughout North America and overseas. Intensify is now integrated into RTS software and will increase the presence in the United States.
Ready Theatre Systems


We have developed Intensify SDK!!!
From now on, all Intensify features can be integrated on top of your existing mobile app. No need for extra development to create a new app - simply add Intensify SDK.
How it Works


Intensify representatives were present at Cine Europe in Barcelona. New partnerships will be announced during the autumn. Cine Europe is the most successful European convention and trade show for Major, Regional, and Independent cinema exhibitors.